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Here at Turnaround Tuition, we offer different forms of tutoring to cater to all of our different learners.

Mobile Tutoring
(FREE first lesson)


    - In-person tutoring is convenient for both students and parents as our tutors come to you each week


    - Our tutors bring materials and worksheets to work on with the student in a quiet, non-disruptive setting in the student's home


    - May be beneficial for interactive learners, younger students, or those who need a mentoring approach

  • - Currently offered in the Gold Coast area

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Online Tutoring
(FREE first lesson)

  1. - Online tutoring offers convenience and flexibility for students and parents, regardless of their location


    - Tutoring sessions take place in the comfort of the student's own space


    - Tutors have online accounts set up, and our team can assist with set up on the student/parent's end


    - Offers interactive whiteboard for easy explanation of topics

  5. - Provides face-to-face time with a tutor, just like in-person tutoring


Active Minds

Active Minds is a hybrid academic/sporting holiday program brought to you by Turnaround Tuition at Gold Coast's state-of-the-art sporting facility.

Our aim is to provide both academic and sporting enrichment to primary school students.
The sessions are split into one hour of academic support and one hour of sporting activity.
We are running these sessions throughout the school holidays and the term too, click the button below to book your next session!

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Giving speeches to both primary school and high school students about the importance of gratitude for your journey throughout life is one of our greatest passions.

We aim to share some insight into what students are and will continue to go through while offering tools and outlooks that may assist them in their journey not only in school but in their years beyond. 
We are available for booking speeches via our email and are happy to cater our speech to your needs.

Our Pricing



For all pricing information about our High School & Primary School tutoring plans and access to your FREE first lesson, enquire today using the link below!

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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