“Exercise your mind the same as you would exercise your body.

Practice healthy mental habits that will help you, empower you, and improve your perspectives.
Practice them daily.” 

- Akiroq Brost

Active minds

What is Active Minds?

Active Minds is a holiday program brought to you by Turnaround Tuition that will run over the 2022/2023 holiday break.

The idea is to provide both academic and sporting enrichment to primary school-aged children over the holidays.

The sessions will be split into two hours, the first hour is in an interactive group tutoring environment that will provide both foundational knowledge that is in line with the Australian Curriculum as well as providing your child with a head start into the new year’s content.

The second hour will be about being active and leaning how to play sports such as basketball and futsal (soccer) as well as developing teamwork and leadership skills in a safe and happy environment. 

Why Active Minds?

Our goal is not to overwhelm students, but to excite and inspire them to improve their attitudes about the educational system. This doesn't stop when the school term or year ends.

By working on both the academic and sporting areas of a students life we are creating the balance that is necessary for a sustainable and happy educational experience. Teaching this to students at a young age has so many benefits for life.


This is what Turnaround Tuition is all about: teaching healthy study habits for life. 

Where & Who?



Carrara Sport & Leisure Centre

Years 1 - 3 (Juniors)

Years 4 - 6 (Seniors)



School Holidays 2022


Friday - 16/12/22

Friday - 23/12/22

Friday - 30/12/22


Friday - 06/01/23

Monday - 09/10/23

Monday - 16/01/23

10:00AM - 12:00PM





Single Session
(Two Hours)



Six Sessions
(Two Hours Each)



Second Child
(5% Discount)