Turnaround Tuition was formed after one conversation between us (Brent and Mikayla) in 2017.

We soon came to understand the different, yet similar ways in which we each struggled throughout our individual schooling experiences. We spoke about how beneficial it could be to pass that knowledge and understanding down onto students that are currently studying.

At the time, we had only been graduated from high school for about a year.

We were both really struggling with chronic health issues and had both recovered from some tumultuous mental health battles throughout our time at school.

This ignited a passion that has now turned into Turnaround Tuition. We knew that we wanted to help students that were in a similar boat right now. 

After that conversation we decided to create this very website.

And what a journey it has been ever since!


We love running this business because we have a passion for students feeling good about their education.

School is such a fleeting time, even if it doesn't feel like it throughout the duration of it. We want students to realise this while they're still studying, and to understand how much of an important time it is to utilise the educational tools availible to them.

We aim to improve the confidence and attitudes towards learning of each student by mentoring and guiding them through their own unique educational journey, allowing each student to unlock their full potential. 


We understand the value of education, we also know that school sometimes can make it difficult for students to enjoy their education; our goal is to change this.

Most of all, we want our students to have hope. Hope for the future.

We want them to know that with improvements, school can get easier and with that, their entire schooling journey can only get better.